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A template for building a small marketing web site in Flask where all content is live editable.

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22 Feb 2022

Sample Event iryuznixus

Goes until 27 Feb 2022
2:00am - 10:00am

22 Mar 2024

Sample Event znytjdyygx

Goes until 26 Mar 2024
Location mzpmcfxbbc

10 Jun 2024

Sample Event mgeqruryhc



5 Feb 2019

Sample Event kewqoconrr

Goes until 10 Feb 2019


The aim of this app is to demonstrate that, with the help of modern JS libraries, and with some well-thought-out server-side snippets, it's now perfectly possible to "bake in" live in-place editing for virtually every content element in a typical brochureware site.

This app is not a CMS. On the contrary, think of it as a proof-of-concept alternative to a CMS. An alternative where there's no "admin area", there's no "editing mode", and there's no "preview button".

There's only direct manipulation.



Start editing

Click the "Login" link at the bottom of the page (right-hand side), and use the following credentials:

Email: test@test.com
Password: test

Text credits

The placeholder text is sourced from a subset of the public domain Project Gutenberg ebook collection (a different random book for each session). Many thanks to the original book authors (may they rest in peace). The actual sentences in the text are generated using the Markovify library.

Image credits

The placeholder images are a selection from the public domain Gratisography photo collection (a different random set for each session). Many thanks to Ryan McGuire of Bells Design.